Escaping Boring Team Building

2017 Escape Room matt earl mad brett (2)

Sometimes similar themes begin to emerge after conducting employee performance reviews.

Maybe it’s a desire from staff for more training in a specific area or a lack of knowledge on a certain process.

In our case, we had some very talented people that needed to improve their confidence levels and leadership skills. Some people also seemed to be struggling with making quick decisions when working in a fast-paced changing environment and adapting their game plan to those changes.

Trying to find a way to practice all of these skills with such a diverse group seemed like a difficult task, but they we thought outside the box – or well, inside a room. We decided to send the group┬áto do the escape room Nuclear Meltdown at The Real Escape. This 60-minute escape game allows individuals to work as a team, make quick decisions, work under pressure, and each take different leadership roles. Our team made it out with 7 minutes to spare and really enjoyed the experience of solving the puzzles together.

We did a debriefing session following the escape. The big take-away? When getting stuck on a problem, walk away and work on something else or ask for help. We’ve seen this issue come up on jobsites and projects and they all agreed that this solution would translate into their approach to work moving forward.

Sometimes, the best lessons can be learned while having fun.

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