Walk it Like it’s Hot vs Chafing the Dream


At MG Electrical/Mechanical Services Ltd, enhanced employee engagement and wellness is at the forefront of our goals for 2017 and moving forward. Employee engagement is a workplace approach resulting in the right conditions for all members of an organization to give of their best each day. Early on this year, we launched a 6-week Wellness Challenge for all employees wishing to participate. Challenges included eating breakfast, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, eating the daily recommended servings of fruit and vegetables, daily physical activity, and using healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with stress.

“Staff wellness is very important to us – we want to provide not only a safe and healthy work environment, but the opportunity and tools for all staff to improve and maintain good physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Small personal “wins” and positive sustainable changes are why we are launching this challenge. We want to bring a sense of community, support and encouragement, fun, and friendly competition to healthy habit forming.” – Muriel Torchia Shyjak, Director of Operations and Owner

Encouraging and promoting wellness in the workplace should an important internal focus for employers because it helps to improve:

  • productivity and business performance
  • staff morale
  • employee engagement
  • staff work-life balance
  • stress-management

While also giving companies a positive public image, workplace wellness can also reduce the following:

  • accidents and work-related ill health
  • sick pay and insurance costs
  • pressure on employees covering for those who are absent
  • employee stress and fatigue

The 6-Week Wellness Challenge was a success with over 75% staff participation in its launch year. The winner took home two Thermal Experience packages from Thermea Winnipeg and multiple draw prizes were given out during the course of the program.

VP-GC-horzontal-rgbAfter such a positive reaction from staff to this internal wellness challenge, we decided to take on the Virgin Pulse Global Corporate Challenge (formerly GCC) which started in May.

The Global Challenge kicks off with a 100 day virtual journey around the globe. In teams of seven, employees track their daily activity and work towards a daily target of 10,000 steps, with their step entries unlocking new locations along the way.

The experience is brought to life with our award-winning website and smartphone apps, weekly personalized emails, community message boards, live team leader boards, mini-challenges and trophies. Every member is taken on a journey of daily self-discovery, reward and achievement. – excerpt from Virgin Pulse Global Challenge website


We had three teams of 7 join: Walk It Like It’s Hot, Chafing the Dream, and Team Nonstacked. Our teams are a mix of field staff and office staff from different levels and departments in our organization. Not only is it a great chance to get to know coworkers we might not normally work closely with, but the friendly active competition has created some spirited internal dialogue. We are almost half-way into the 100 day challenge and our staff are seeing their activity habits beginning to shift – people are extending their evening walks, taking their kids and dogs out more, taking walking breaks at lunch or having walking meetings during the day. Introduce your workplace to the Virgin Pulse Global Corporate Challenge for a healthier and happier workforce.

global corporate challenge

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