Read This Now: 5 Common Productivity Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

We all have 24 hours in day. While a lot of us complain about that simply not being enough time, there are a few people who seem to magically achieve far more during this time than the rest of us. And, they manage to do it while still finding time for themselves. – Patricia Thompson, PhD

Are you one of the people getting more accomplished during the day than you previously thought possible or are you the person wondering how everyone else can get so much done?


The article “5 Common Productivity Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs” by Patricia Thompson, PhD, a corporate psychologist and executive coach who writes about leadership and thriving at work has some advice for those looking to better manage themselves and their time.



Do you have and tips or tricks for increasing your own productivity?

Some other ideas include:

  • making to-do lists that categorize tasks into “must-do” and “would be nice to do”
    • these lists can include deadlines and priorities so you don’t waste time working on a smaller project due in a month when there is something due in the next 2 days
  • breaking up larger projects into smaller tasks
  • set a timer: giving yourself a specific time limit (keeping the times short) can help focus your concentration
  • using a calendar or scheduler to book in your tasks like appointments – block out this time to only be used for the task at hand
  • work in a clean, organized, clutter-free location
  • working in an open office or noisier space can be distracting – use noise cancelling headphones. If you Google “Study Music” or “Music for concentration” you can find playlists that will help improve focus and productivity.