Corporate Boxing Challenge: Week 2 of 12 – Endurance

I don’t usually write our blog posts from home but this work week was long, challenging, and didn’t leave me with the energy or time. To be fair, we’ve had a lot of opportunities for personal growth over this whole year. As I type this from our living room table with YouTube playing Mumford and Sons videos on the TV in the background, I’m smirking a little at the previous sentence I just typed- “opportunities for personal growth”. These are definitely not the words I would have used last week or this weekend to describe a really difficult situation we’re currently dealing with (although, the words that initially came to mind shouldn’t be printed on our business blog). Ironically, this week’s word that we’re going to explore in relation to Caleb’s training and to business is “Endurance”.

According to the online dictionary definition, Endurance is:

1. The act, quality, or power of withstanding hardship or stress.
2. The state or fact of persevering.
3. Continuing existence; duration.

This week, Caleb attended 4 boxing training sessions in preparation for the Corporate Boxing Challenge. This is an impressive amount of training to attend considering that prior to this competition he hadn’t been involved in boxing or many activities, and that this week’s challenges at work would have been daunting for anyone to handle under normal circumstances. His classes are 90 minutes long and include a 10-15 minute warm-up, technical drills (practicing punch combinations with a partner and lots of bag work), cardio drills (skipping, squats, pushups), abs and stretching. After these classes, because I am taking part in the Virgin Pulse Global Corporate Challenge with a team at work, we are also going on long walks once he is home in the evenings. Mentally, the walking is really good for us to decompress after the work days, and also gives us a better chance to talk about the issues at work without the distraction of the day-to-day operations. Solutions to problems have a way of presenting themselves to us as we walk and talk through options and situations. While it can be tiring to go on these walks after a long day of work, boxing classes, Crossfit, taking the dogs out, cooking dinner, prepping for the next day, we know how important these walks are for our mental health, our business, and our personal relationship. Endurance is us knowing that while we’d rather be starting Season 2 of GLOW on Netflix, we’ll push through that idea of comfort so we can better withstand the next challenge as a strong and unified team.

Today, we went on a particularly challenging walk, that turned out to be 14.2km long. At about the halfway point, we shot this week’s video in Kildonan Park.

Caleb will be attending training 4 days next week and is looking at adding swimming to his schedule (as a form of “road work”, instead of running). His 12 weeks are going to go by quickly and before we know it, the boxing card will be here. Enduring the training sessions are going to be key to his success at this event, and will translate into greater success in business – sometimes the hardest part can be just pushing through when things get hard.

So, while my dogs sleep on one of their many beds, and my legs still burn from a partner workout at Prairie Crossfit this past Saturday, I know that I am going to finish this post tonight, throw in some more laundry, and get ready for a busy work week tomorrow. We are ready to endure the week that we know will bring challenges. Endurance means pushing through the pain and discomfort and knowing that it won’t kill us if we have to stay there for a while.