Friendly MB, Friendly MG.

Lockport is a small community just north of Winnipeg with a bridge and locks, where the Red River Floodway joins the Red River north of the dam. Known for it’s great fishing (specifically channel catfish), this area is popular with locals and visitors alike.

Majestic North American White Pelicans can be spotted soaring over the water, or furiously paddling their legs in the strong current while they cool off and bob along the river. If you’re lucky, you might spot a Bald Eagle.

This past Sunday, one of the owners planned to go for an early morning fish with the Technical Manager. On the way to the locks, they called up the Electrical Manager, who lives along the way. He got up and joined them and were met up with another staff member, a Foreman who has taken an interest in photography and wanted to practice some shots on his new camera.

A casual morning fish turned into a small social event with some MG office staff. The guys enjoyed a morning of fishing, photography, and even some napping, followed by lunch at the famous Half Moon Drive In.

All photos are courtesy of Joshua Rowson – July 2018.