Corporate Boxing Challenge: TONIGHT!

The 12-week training program with United Boxing is complete. All of the Corporate Challenge athletes are prepared for their bouts tonight at The Melee Gala at the Met tonight, starting at 6pm. If you haven’t yet purchased your ticket, what are you waiting for? It’s going to be an exciting event and a great show! There are still General Seating Tickets available here for $50.

Caleb has been training hard over the past 12 weeks in preparation for his bout tonight. He has been attending boxing classes at United Boxing, as well as Stingers Boxing Academy. Some mornings he was up before work to attend a class or swim laps at Cindy Klassen Pool. He was training 5 to 6 days a week, while still running the business during the day and taking emergency calls in the evenings as they came in. He cut out alcohol and reduced his sugar intake, and stopped eating out. His hard work has seen him drop sizes and put on more muscle. He feels calm and ready.

Watch his last video post in this series here for how he’s feeling for tonight.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Caleb during his training and all those that made donations to Alpha House Project, which this event supports.

A special thanks to the most recent donors – we raised $1,725.00, just from these donations.

  • Mace Mazur
  • Murray Arkinstall
  • Lisa Zadro
  • Kevin Ploegman
  • Colin McLachlan
  • Lisa Labelle
  • Ed and Lucy Balon
  • Kenton Podolsky
  • Jeff Wilson
  • Richard and Sylvia Balon
  • Georgette Lang
  • Andrija Pavlic
  • Win Torchia
  • Mark and Barbara Torchia
  • MG Electrical/Mechanical Services Ltd