About the Owners

At the end of October 2016, Caleb Shyjak and Muriel Torchia Shyjak purchased MG Electrical/Mechanical Services Ltd from the previous owners.

While new owner-operators, Caleb and Muriel are not strangers to the industry or the type of work involved in running a successful business.

Caleb Shyjak started working MG Services in 2010 as a Journeyperson Electrician. His technical knowledge and leadership abilities quickly saw him move up to the position of Foreman but an injury brought him into the office. Caleb found his niche and became the Electrical Services Manager, overseeing the estimating, project management, and coordinating the field staff. In 2016 he became the General Manager of the MG and the company saw both growth and positive changes with the move. With the previous owners eager to begin their early retirement, Caleb and Muriel took on the challenge and opportunity of becoming the new owners and purchasing the company. Caleb is now the President of MG Services and oversees the Electrical, Mechanical, and Technical Services managers, as well as a Project Manager/Estimator. The two most important pillars of the company’s external focus are excellence in customer service and quality of product and solutions.

Muriel Torchia Shyjak graduated with a B.Env.D from the University of Manitoba in 2005 and quickly entered the electrical industry as a commercial and industrial lighting designer for a Winnipeg-based agency. After 5 years time, she was picked up by Westburne and became the Marketing Coordinator for the Midwest Division which looked after e-commerce and the website, training, events, merchandising, and working with a National team. Owning her own business was always something that interested her but she never thought she would be in partnership with her husband, running an electrical contracting company. As the Vice President and owner-operator for MG Service, Muriel focused on employee engagement and wellness, industry networking, branding, and professional development in her first 2 years. She is currently managing projects and service and also sits on the OAWA Advisory Board.

Both Caleb and Muriel hope to bring MG Electrical/Mechanical Services Ltd to new heights of success and become one of the best medium-sized electrical/mechanical contracting companies to work for in Winnipeg in the next 5 years. We welcome your business and support.