Young Construction Leaders of Manitoba: Leader of the Month: November

One of the owners of MG Electrical/Mechanical Services Ltd was featured as the first Leader of the Month for the YCLM. We are happy to share some good news for November in 2020!




YCLM Member: Muriel Torchia Shyjak

Company: MG Electrical/Mechanical Services Ltd

Title: Director of Operations – Owner

Featured Project: Promotion of Women in the Trades

Project Details: Muriel has been volunteering her time to promote women in the trades since purchasing the MG Electric/Mechanical Services Ltd with her partner in 2016. She has worked as a mentor at the Young Women’s Conference in 2018 and 2019 that introduces high school girls to various training and employment opportunities in traditionally male sectors.

At the beginning of this 2020, Muriel spoke on a panel for Manitoba Women in Construction’s Building Her Story event, sharing personal stories and thoughts about increasing the visibility of women in the industry, as well as mentorship and building a professional network. She joined the Office to Advance Women Apprentices Advisory Board as an Industry Representative to help further this narrative.

Muriel actively recruits and hires women and works on connecting other qualified candidates to local businesses. 

COVID-19 UPDATE: How Our Company is Keeping Employees and Customers Safe and Work Continuing – March 26, 2020 

covid19_2000x1333In these unprecedented times dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak, we are committed to continuing providing the exceptional service and quality of work our customers expect, while also keeping our customers and employees safe and healthy. We ask for patience and compassion at this time as additional health and safety measures have been put in place that may change how we approach work, and has reduced our staffing available.

Our commitment to our clients, colleagues, and communities
For our team at MG Electrical/Mechanical Services Ltd, the well-being and safety of our clients, colleagues, and communities are our top priority. Just like you, we are monitoring new developments regarding COVID-19 closely and implementing new policies and procedure as we get new information.

All staff have been asked to complete the Shared Health Manitoba COVID-19 Screening Tool. Any changes to any answers and a new screening must be completed and submitted for review.

When to stay home and self-isolate

MG Services is limiting in-person meetings. Any meetings that must happen will need to be done in a clean and disinfected space that can accommodate seating 6 feet apart, with limited attendees. If any of the following circumstances apply to you, please call ahead to reschedule your appointment – we can accommodate phone or video conference instead.

  • you have a fever, cough, or difficulty breathing
  • you have traveled outside of Canada OR outside of the province within the past 14 days
  • you have interacted with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

We have asked our MG Services staff who meet the above criteria to not come into the office or their job sites and to follow the directions of local public health authorities.

A safe environment
As a part of our regular focus, we follow best practices to ensure that our office and job sites are a clean and safe environment for all. Regular cleaning, additional review of hand-washing procedures, and use of soap/hand sanitizer is continuing. We are ensuring work being done is completed while 6 feet apart for coworkers or other workers on site. We are limiting in-person meetings and walk-throughs. Tools, equipment, dishes, are asked to not be shared, or require disinfecting between each person’s use if sharing must happen. Our approach has been informed by the guidance of governmental agencies and public health officials.

The Construction Safety Association of Manitoba (CSAM) has released some excellent resources for the construction industry, which we have sent to all staff for review and are following the procedures from the dates of release.

COVID-19-Resource and the Construction Industry

COVID-19-Prevention-Best-Practices for Construction Sites

Building a better, more equitable workforce

‘The industry requires smart people. It’s not just about brute force. It’s the ability to think, problem solve, make decisions and work with others. Women are good at that.’

MIKAELA MACKENZIE / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS</p><p>Muriel Torchia Shyjak, owner of MG Electrical/Mechanical Services (left), Carol Paul, head of the construction sector council, and Colleen Munro, head of Munro Construction with a blast hole drilling simulator at the Women in Trades conference at Victoria Inn Hotel & Convention Centre in Winnipeg on Tuesday.</p>
MIKAELA MACKENZIE / WINNIPEG FREE PRESSMuriel Torchia Shyjak, owner of MG Electrical/Mechanical Services (left), Carol Paul, head of the construction sector council, and Colleen Munro, head of Munro Construction with a blast hole drilling simulator at the Women in Trades conference at Victoria Inn Hotel & Convention Centre in Winnipeg on Tuesday. 

Build Manitoba Magazine – Education Feature – Fall/Winter 2019

Career development and training is an important part of every employee’s success – and that goes for the owners as well!

Muriel Torchia Shyjak has upgraded her skills and training through the Winnipeg Construction Associations Education Centre and was featured in an article in their magazine. Check out the write-ups in the latest edition below.

img-191107120425-0001 (2).jpg

Amano McGann OPUS Installation at St.Boniface General Hospital – Fall/Winter 2019

MG Electrical/Mechanical Services Ltd’s Technical and Electrical teams installed a large parking lot control and revenue collection system at the St.Boniface General Hospital. The old system was on its last legs and a planned installation of the OPUS series of Amano McGann saw our teams hot-stage the equipment in the MG shop for a seamless on-site transition, to decrease any down-time of the collection system.

Old system:

NEW OPUS system:

The new system

Build Manitoba Spring Edition 2019: Featured Work – May 1/19

MG Electrical/Mechanical Services Ltd was featured in two projects in the Spring Edition of the Winnipeg Construction Association’s Build Manitoba Magazine. (pages 48 and 49)

2019 Build Manitoba Feature of College Jeanne Sauve Student commons
2019 Build Manitoba Feature of College Jeanne Sauve Student commons
2019 Build Manitoba Feature - Fort Group Chartered Professional Accountants
2019 Build Manitoba Feature – Fort Group Chartered Professional Accountants

We were the Mechanical Contractors on College Jeanne-Sauve’s new student commons at 1128 Dakota St and the Electrical Contractors on Fort Group Chartered Accountants new building at 865 Henderson Hwy.

Thank you to all of the hard work and long hours our crews put in to make these jobs a success and worth featuring in print, around Manitoba.

The Safe Work Manitoba Awards: MG Services Winner and Recipient of the SAFEty and Health Committee Award – September 25/18

IMG_20180926_210218.jpgSAFE Work Awards recognize Manitobans for excellence in workplace safety and health.

A huge congratulations goes out to the MG Services Health and Safety Committee members for 2018 who this year, won the SAFEty and Health Committee Award through Safe Work Manitoba. Our company also received an honourable mention for the SAFEty Culture Award.

MG Electrical/Mechanical Services’ safety and health committee makes collaboration and relevance a priority. By gathering input from both office and field staff, the safety and health committee members make sure all current issues and concerns are addressed. Open conversation and dialogue about safety helps MG Services address real concerns and issues and allows for quick adjustments to safety initiatives and procedures. Safety as an attitude improves everyone’s well-being and is part of their company’s culture. Watch the video to meet MG Electrical/Mechanical Services’ committee

Press Release: WINNIPEG – On September 26, 2018, SAFE Work Manitoba presented the 2018 SAFE Work Awards to Manitobans who demonstrate excellence in workplace safety and health, and a youth award to a team of high school students for educating their peers about safety.

20180926_192644_resizedThe awards were presented at The Safetys, a gala that combines the awards programs for eight Manitoba safety organizations. The Safetys was held Wednesday, September 26, at the Victoria Inn Hotel and Convention Centre (1808 Wellington Avenue, Winnipeg). Doors opened at 5:30 p.m., and the dinner and awards presentations began at 6:30 p.m.

“We are pleased to celebrate Manitobans who commit every day to making their workplaces safer and healthier,” said Growth, Enterprise and Trade Minister Blaine Pedersen.” The award winners demonstrate that no matter what our job titles are, we can make a difference when we take responsibility for our own safety and the safety of those around us. Congratulations to the winners, whose hard work is helping us all build a stronger, safer Manitoba.”

The 2018 SAFE Work Award winners are: 

  • Worker SAFEty Award: Garth Drakeley, Arborist at Gontree Tree Service (Brandon, Manitoba)
  • SAFEty and Health Committee Award: MG Electrical/Mechanical Services (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
  • SAFEty Culture Award: PepsiCo Winnipeg (Winnipeg, Manitoba)


See the full Press Release Here

Read the Construction Association of Manitoba (CSAM) Press Release Here

Building construction was the nights biggest winner, sweeping the board taking home 5 of the 8 awards open to all industries. CSAM extends a big congratulations to the five building construction award recipients and all other individuals who took home awards last night. Let’s keep our workplaces safe and continue to honour the individuals going above and beyond to do so! – CSAM Press Release

Watch the video on Youtube Here

The 2018 Melee Gala – September 6/18


The Melee Gala is a yearly event hosted by Manshield Construction and the United Boxing Academy as a fun charity event, raising donations for a different worth cause each year. This year, the charity selected was Alpha House Project, which is a year-long program for women and their children leaving an abusive relationship that was formed in 1989. Their mandate is to provide a safe place for families to live while transitioning away from violence, while working closely with the families to break the cycle of violence. Caleb Shyjak, one of MG Services owners, signed up to take part in the Corporate Boxing Challenge. Each member which would provide him with a 12-week boxing training program through United, with the finale of the 12-weeks being a bout with another corporate contender at the Melee Gala, on September 6th, 2018. Caleb also trained with 3 coaches from Stingers Boxing Academy, overhauled his diet, and worked on cardio training during this time. You can read more about his training journey on our blog HERE.


The event was a great time, included bouts between the Corporate Challenge members as well as Team Canada vs Team Puerto Rico. Caleb trained hard and fought hard and was cheered on by friends and family. We are all so proud of him for giving so much time and effort towards his training, while still working full-time and running a business – he also personally raised money for Alpha House.

CityNews did a feature on the event which you can watch HERE.


The 2018 IPI Conference & Expo, Orlando, Fla. – June 7/18

The IPI Conference & Expo, is the world’s largest educational and networking event for parking and transportation professionals. This trade show is a once-a-year opportunity to connect and network with thousands of international parking professionals in various facets of the industry while exploring hundreds of exhibits, showcasing the latest technologies of the industry.


Some stats on the show:

  • More than 3,000 parking professionals from 35 countries around the globe representing every level of experience and segment of the parking industry.
  • 230 exhibitors all under one 170,000 square-foot roof (that’s four football fields’ worth of expo).

We were there.

This year, the event was held in Orlando, Florida from June 3rd-6th. Caleb, one of the owners of MG Electrical/Mechanical Services Ltd, one of our customers, and the VP of Canadian Operations of Amano McGann Canada Inc attended the show together.

Caleb took time to explore the massive exhibit hall, browsed the latest parking technology, and tried out some of the interactive education – watch the video as he tries out a virtual reality machine and flies over a city.

The conference also included some networking events and a chance to explore some of the sites around Orlando – including a Lego site, Bourbon Street, and Disney Springs.

It is important for our company to meet the tech innovators, and explore cutting-edge parking products and services. We want to keep up to date on all of the latest and greatest in parking to better service our customers. After the trip to Orlando, we hope to announce some exciting installation planned for the city of Winnipeg in the near future!

Press Release: Owner Feature Publication – May 23/18

On May 23rd, 2018, one of the owners, Muriel Torchia Shyjak, was featured in the May 2018 Vol.4 Edition of the Who’s Who Women Special Business Edition.

Muriel completed interview questions and working back and forth on the content with the editor, Pat St. Germain, created a beautiful piece that really paints a picture of how she fits into the operations and culture of the company. Having her photo taken was a bit daunting, but Darcy Finley from Finley Photography (photographs in this post were taken by him) made her feel comfortable and at ease in the Asper School of Business Executive Education building on Lombard street. Once both pieces were reviewed, the article went to print. Below is the text and some images take for the publication.

Photo by Darcy Finley of Finley Photography

Positively Charged: Bringing Fresh Energy to the Workplace

Owning and operating a business can easily permeate every aspect of one’s life, but Muriel Torchia Shyjak has found a way to make it work, by bringing balance and wellness into the workplace with a positive attitude.
Since Muriel and her husband Caleb took over ownership of MG Electrical/Mechanical Services Ltd. in the fall of 2016, much of her focus has been on creating a healthy workplace culture, one based on transparency and trust. “We have an ‘open-door’ policy — if anyone has an issue or concern, they can come talk to either of us, at any time,” she says. Employees know they are being heard and are part of the conversation. To avoid the common divide that can happen between office staff and field staff, Muriel works hard to foster a culture of inclusion. Her passion for workplace wellness
and engagement shines through in the activities and policies of MG Services.
“I created a fun internal wellness program for staff, that even those working out of town participated in through social media and email. We provide healthy snacks and food options that can easily be grabbed by staff on the go.”

Muriel describes her job as Director of Operations as fast-paced and ever-changing, but being organized, methodical, and attentive to detail keeps things moving along smoothly. “I prepare for everything, take notes, write down ideas. I’ve always loved to learn new things and I spend time researching what I don’t know, reading articles, asking questions, networking, and taking courses,” she says.

After graduating from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Environmental Design in 2005, she entered the electrical field as a commercial and industrial Lighting Designer and later worked as a Marketing Coordinator. Caleb is an electrician by trade, with eight years at MG, most recently as General Manager before the previous owners retired. “We both have very strong but different skill sets so we can each focus on the aspects we are passionate about and cover all the bases,” Muriel says.

She is proud of their 36-employee team and how well everyone works together. “I really want to bring more diversity into our workforce and hired the first two female electricians at our company. Having a team that includes people of different genders, ages, backgrounds, and cultures allows us to better understand and serve our customers since we are always exposed to a wide range of viewpoints. It’s always inspiring to see employees coming up with new ideas for how we do things and really taking pride in their work. We could not be successful without them.”

Muriel gives back to the community wherever she can. For example, she was a mentor at the 2017 Young Women’s Conference to introduce high school girls to trades, and she was a panel member at an event for newcomers to Canada hosted by the Manitoba Construction Sector Council and Manitoba Start.

There is no typical work day for Muriel. She looks after everything from helping with project management, dealing with suppliers and customers, meeting with salespeople, creating and writing policies, planning staff events and training, managing the company’s online presence and of course, fostering employee engagement. “Success isn’t about making a lot of money and having everyone like you. Success for me is being able to answer the question, ‘Am I happy?’ with a ‘Yes.’ ” ❚

Press Release: Manitoba Legislative Chamber Grand Re-Opening Ceremony- Oct 10/17

MG Electrical/Mechanical Services electrical journeypeople and apprentices were part of the sub-contractor team that helped to create a newly accessible Manitoba Legislative Chamber. We were proud to attend the Grand Opening and see the first wheelchairs roll onto the chamber floor. Watch the CityNews video here.

See Free Press Article here. “Changes in legislature chamber barely noticeable, but monumental for disabled.”By Nick Martin.


Chris Sobkowicz was the first to use the wheelchair ramp after a ceremony Monday to reopen the newly renovated Manitoba Legislature Chambers.

See CBC News article and watch the new report here. “Manitoba Legislature floor raised to improve accessibility. Renovations make Manitoba’s chamber among the most accessible in Canada.”

See Winnipeg Sun article here. “Wheelchair access blends in at Legislature.”

Community Building with the YCLM – Sept 25/17

Both owners took part in a Habitat for Humanity Winnipeg build day twith the Young Construction Leaders of Manitoba group. Enjoy the video about the event and why we volunteer for community projects like this one.

2017 Professional Development

At MG Services, we believe in the importance of continued professional development and training for all of our staff. Our employees are a reflection of our company and vision and we want to showcase their talent and skills. Professional development helps staff expand their industry knowledge, soft skills, and be aware of changing trends and technologies – keeping us relevant in today’s fast-paced environment.

361515-Claire-Fagin-Quote-Knowledge-will-bring-you-the-opportunity-toContinued education can help fill the skill gaps that might be felt in an organization. Not only does encouraging staff to take courses, seminars, e-courses, classes, and other forms of learning help retain the best talent, but it also boost moral and creates a culture of engagement.

Here are some of the training and professional development that our staff attended and took part in for 2017:

  • Electrical Code Upgrade course: Red River College (RRC)
  • Avoiding Construction Disputes: Winnipeg Construction Association (WCA)
  • Estimating for ICI Projects: WCA
  • BST: Project Planning and Scheduling for Supervisors: WCA
  • BST: Construction Industry Ethics: WCA
  • Communication Skills for Everyone for Everyday: Louis Riel School Division Continuing Education (LRSD)
  • Kantech EntraPass CE Corporate Edition Certification
  • Fire Extinguisher Training and Certification: ABC Fire and Safety
  • First Aider 1 training with CPR and AED- St.John’s Ambulance
  • Future of Trades and Technology Summit
  • Amano Overture training
  • Amano Omnia training
  • Company Security Officer training
  • Grant Thornton and TDS Seminar on construction fraud and Builder’s Lien Act
  • 2017 and SHEday
  • Manitoba Women in Construction educational events
    • Keys to Creating Powerful Women Leaders
    • 5 Steps to Stress Management

Press Release: Misericordia Health Centre Awards Amano McGann Canada Parking and Access Revenue Control Contract – June 13/17

Winnipeg, Manitoba – Amano McGann Canada and MG Electrical/Mechanical Services Ltd have been contracted to provide the Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS) at


 Misericordia Health Centre. Amano McGann is excited to announce that this will be the first Overture® installation in Canada. View the full press release here.