About the Owners

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At the end of October 2016, Caleb Shyjak and Muriel Torchia Shyjak purchased MG Electrical/Mechanical Services Ltd from the previous owners.

While new owner-operators, Caleb and Muriel are not strangers to the industry or the type of work involved in running a successful business.

Their combined years in the industry, complimentary skills, and focus on integrity and teamwork have seen the company enjoy continuous work and demand.

Both owners are eager to create new relationships in the industry and can’t wait to meet you!

Caleb Shyjak started working at MG Services in 2010 as a Journeyperson Electrician. His technical knowledge and leadership abilities quickly saw him move up to the position of Foreman but an injury brought him into the office. Caleb found his niche and became

MG Electrical2090 Ian 2019the Electrical Services Manager, overseeing the estimating, project management, and coordinating the field staff. In 2016 he became the General Manager of the MG and the company saw both growth and positive changes with the move. With the previous owners eager to begin their early retirement, Caleb and Muriel took on the challenge and opportunity of becoming the new owners and purchased the company. Caleb is now the President of MG Services and oversees the Electrical, Mechanical, and Technical Services managers, as well as an Electrical Estimator and a Project Assistant. The two most important pillars of the company’s external focus are excellence in customer service and quality of product and solutions. Caleb focuses his efforts on delivery of services, meeting those expectations.

Muriel Torchia Shyjak graduated with a B.Env.D from the University of Manitoba in 2005 and quickly entered the electrical industry as a commercial and industrial lighting designer for a Winnipeg-based agency. After 5 years time, she made the move to Westburne as their Marketing Coordinator for the Midwest Division where she looked 20180409-IMG_0752.jpgafter the division’s e-commerce, website, staff and customer training, events, merchandising, and was a key member of two National teams. Owning her own business was always something that interested her but she never thought she would be in partnership with her husband, running an electrical contracting company. They re-built their north-end home together, and Muriel isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and be actively involved. As the Co-Owner and Director of Operations, Muriel focused her time and efforts on the success of the company both in the public eye, and with internal employees. Her time is split between networking events, public relations, marketing, managing the service side, and acting as controller. Her passion is sharing her knowledge and experience with others in the hopes that more women succeed in the construction industry. She was recently featured in the Who’s Who Women Special Business Edition in May 2018.

Both Caleb and Muriel strive to bring MG Electrical/Mechanical Services Ltd to new heights of success and become one of the most sought-after medium-sized electrical/mechanical contracting companies to work for in Winnipeg.

We welcome your business and support in reaching our goals!